The Tom and Jerry fighting game that should have already existed

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this scene from Teen Titans Go! will have to serve as the next best thing.

Unless the Simpsons releases an Itchy and Scratchy (or perhaps Worker and Parasite) fight-fight-fighting game.


Needs moar frying pan/frying pan shaped face.


And stepping onto a rake.


Just letting you know that both characters are most likely available in Mugen.

I was able to find Tom, but no Jerry:

Someone with more time can probably find (or make) a Jerry character pack.

ETA: Nevermind, Jerry is here. MugenDB Tom page here.

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Seems the much-anticipated Nickelodeon takeoff failed rather miserably out of the gate due to a lack of things like voice-acting. Perhaps Multiversus will learn from this failure.

Anyway, there was definitely at least one T&J fighting game, and it seems the level of violence was sufficiently extreme to give it a T rating.


Well, there kinda was one for the SNES…


I have that book!

ETA- I have always loved the WB Loony Toons shorts but Tom and Jerry always left me cold, even as a child. I don’t know what it is, but they just aren’t funny like Bugs, Daffy et al.

Also Woody Woodpecker sucks too.

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I read that comics a loooong time ago. It was a local magazine called Animal, that published mainly european stuff. I think their role model was an spanish magazine called “El Vibora”.

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