The tragic story of Robert Opel, the 1974 Oscar Streaker

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The hunger for fame and attention encouraged by America’s media-industrial complex often causes people to lose sight of the real value they can and do contribute to society under less flashy circumstances. The big social media platforms have only made this sad situation more widespread and more destructive.


What a weirdly structured little bio. His sexuality is introduced in a paragraph describing his grisly murder for seemingly no reason (other than to juxtapose queerness and death?). Then we jump back in time from his death to discuss his activism and legacy, tucked in at the end of the piece.

Despite the piece lamenting the reduction of the man to just a streaker, the bio’s chronology seems deliberately twisted to define the guy as a streaker first, and murder victim second, and an activist third.


Isn’t that the point @dnealy is trying to make? That he was known for those things, in that order, which was the tragedy of his circumstance? That his greatest work as a curator of queer culture was obscured by his blip of infamy and that…


Also how did Elizabeth Taylor change color?

Devin Nealy, I much prefer your writing like this, when it’s directly about the subject. Just one man’s opinion.

“In his house at R’lyeh dead Cthulhu waits”


It’s not dreaming. The stars are just coming right. The color changes are a sign that soon He shall awaken and we can revel and dance like gods!


Also, no I’m totally not a squid cultist, why do you ask? I just get these headaches…

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