The trailer for Damien Chazelle's Babylon is mesmerizing

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Looks interesting. Artistic merits and Chazelle’s genuine fascination with his subject aside, it’s Oscar best picture bait. More than anything else, the Academy circle-jerk loves any movie about Hollywood making movies.


It looks like Once Upon a Time in Hollywood II: the 1920s. And my interest level is about the same, which is practically zero.

Ugh. Another movie about show business.

And by the way, I hated Whiplash. It was impossible to avoid seeing it as it was an in-flight movie on all the screens but I found it too full of bullying and cruelty.

Edited to correct spelling of movie.


Whiplash is definitely hard to watch for anyone who’s suffered under an abusive teacher or boss. It’s one of those movies that can genuinely trigger PTSD. To be fair, though, Chazelle doesn’t romanticise or try to justify the bandleader’s behaviour.


Hollywood loves Hollywood


“But I’ve talked enough about me! Why don’t YOU talk about me?”


It has always been thus, it will always be thus.

When I came to this town there were signs outside saying “No actors, no dogs”. I’ve changed that

Now you’re allowed dogs.

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