M. Night Shyamalan's Glass is looking pretty good in this new trailer


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I am there, 100%. I am the biggest Shyamalan apologist I know.

I even slogged through, “The Happening” somehow, and can manage a few words of praise.


I don’t fucks with Shyamalan no mo’, period.


Well then I’ll have what you’re having.
But I’m not going to waste my buzz on this dreck.


If Blockbuster were still around you might, might just see one of his in the bin.


I got pretty tired of the Shyamala-man, but I’m willing to give it a watch when it comes out on streaming, maybe.


I have a feeling this trailer is all the action shots in the movie crammed together. If you go, brace yourself for the slow panned expository conversations that will fill in every other bit of space in this movie. He could have learned but I’m intentionally setting my bar very low.


Oh ye brave soul.


I still haven’t gotten around to watching Split :B


How did you survive Signs?

That one pushed me from ‘neutral’ to ‘no just god could forgive you for this’ more quickly and decisively than I would have thought possible.


One of the best jump scares I have seen in film.

ETA: If this comment annoys you, I did warn you about my apologism. I recognize it is not rational.


Yeah, Unbreakable was the last even decent thing he did and, imo, is actually one of, if not the best superhero film. I didn’t see Split yet, though. I was very encouraged by the reception it got, but it wasn’t nearly motivation enough to go to the theater for. I’ll stream it soon and maybe it will be enough to get me to see this one. He’s got a very steep hill to climb, though.


I have faith in his vision as a filmmaker and as a writer.



The evolution of my view of Shyamalan went thus:
Six Sense - hey, cool, this Shyamalan guy is a talent to watch out for
Unbreakable - er, or maybe not, but I’ll reserve judgement until…
Signs - oh, for fuck’s sake, never mind



M Knight Shamalamdingdong is really good when he’s hitting on all cylinders.

Side note: he’s one of the guests on Norm Macdonald’s Netflix “talk show.” I like Norm, but he’s not the best interviewer. But this episode is actually really entertaining and educational about Knight’s past.


Lady in the Water: Huh, WHAT THE EFF?
The Happening: Seriously? Why did anybody give this person money?


I made it through *The Village, then decided to skip all of his films that followed it.

*Even though I figured out the twist from the trailer. As predictable as most of the original Twilight Zone episodes.



I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but there will be a twist ending!