Watch a real exorcism through a church keyhole


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Are we sure this guy hadn’t just stumbled onto the set of the next M. Night Shyamalan film, The Village 2? Really?.. Wow, there really some serious pockets of humanity out there…


While the complaints continue, the town mayor says he’s talked to the priest and nothing illegal occurred in the church.

While the complaints continue, the town mayor says he’s talked to the banker and nothing illegal occurred in the bank.

This works in all kinds of situations!


Last week I saw his latest movie Split. It was great, until the end.


In other words, an M. Night Shyamalan movie?


When I watched The Village, I called the ending before the opening credits finished. Dude really has to work harder.


The simple fact a movie has his name on it signals exactly what sort of ending you should expect. And he only writes movie endings that work if you don’t expect them. Worse still, if you did watch one of his movies without knowing it was his work, you’d get to a point towards the end where you’d just think “OMG, this is Sharmalarmalayan’s work, isn’t it? Gorramn it…!”


That’s not true. Unbreakable works even if you see it coming.


Well, Split was a pretty good movie. Good dialog, nice set design, interesting characters, lots of tension. But at the last moment of the last scene, he introduces something that is entirely unnecessary to the story. All it does is place it in the Unbreakable universe.

Neither my wife nor I have seen unbreakable, so we left the theater asking what the hell just happened? When we got to the car we googled it and found out about Unbreakable. It was totally self-indulgent (IMHO) and ruined an otherwise good movie. Apparently Shyamalan isn’t content just creating a good movie, he needs to build a universe.


I’d sure like a translation of what she was saying.


[quote]While the complaints continue, the town mayor says he’s talked to himself and nothing illegal occurred in the Mayor’s office.

Wow! It really does work in all situtations. :slight_smile:


Isn’t this the mental health plan for T®umpcare?


“Real exorcism”, eh?


I was raised on golden age sci-fi and the Twilight Zone. I always expect a twist. Or rather, I’m always open to it. Between that and Checkhov, endings are never so much a surprise as a satisfying tying up of loose ends.

Picking on various movies, not necessarily just Shyamalan
Signs: [spoiler]So the kid leaves 100 glasses of water around the house. That 30 seconds of info cost $0.34 million dollars. It’s relevant somewhere or they’d cut it. Aliens weak to water.[/Spoiler]
The Others: So the housekeepers know about some secret death, she can’t get through the fog to leave the manor, and when the piano keeps slamming shut on her, her response is to… vengefully play it like a madman? Yeah, she’s a ghost. They’re all ghosts.
Everything that has ever taken place in an asylum or sanatorium: the protagonist is actually a deranged patient, sometimes former-patient.

Eventually you just learn to appreciate twists that seem organic.


“Watch a real exorcism through a church keyhole”

Isn’t it easier to just exorcise the spirit normally? Why would you want to exorcise it through a keyhole? That’s an odd addition…

…ooooh. Nevermind.


Some spirits can be exorcised through a churchkey hole:

…I guess. If there was a distilled liquor that came in a can or a pop-cap bottle, I’ve never had it.


Same thing is true for The Sixth Sense, although i had to watch it again after i saw it the first time because i could have sworn he missed something. That’s the way to do a twist. Even if canon indicates there should be a twist, hide it well. Lately he’s just gotten lazy and is resting on his laurels as The Twist Guy ™.


I’m not kidding. I caught the plot twist in the trailers. Telegraphed like old Twilight Zone episodes.


Hint: man is always the real monster.


I wonder if the twist in The Sixth Sense perhaps came from one Twilight Zone episode (I can’t recall its title) where a collection of characters in the presence of the main character were described as being dead, but not knowing it.