The trailer for Netflix's Gudetama couldn't be cuter

Originally published at: The trailer for Netflix's Gudetama couldn't be cuter | Boing Boing

From a “typical” USian perspective, it’s notable how orange Gudetama is.


Vox has a great article about the rise of Gudetama and a dive into the complex “kawaii” culture that results in the creation of these sorts of oddities.


The tiny CG creatures against macro-focused backgrounds has similar vibes to the South Korean show Canimals, though Canimals doesn’t really involve human characters much if at all.

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Same, same.


Forgive the cliche, but… squeeeeeeee!!!

EXACTLY like the North Korean show Canimals, except you’re challenged to ignore the schizophrenic old man animating identical cans.

Also, Gudetama Netflix US release ca. 2022 Dec. 13.


My brain twisted a bit when the music reminded me of “Go West”.

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