The trailer for Richard Hatch's Battlestar Galactica continuation

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Jezz, I almost fell asleep during the trailer. On the other hand, it could be used to cure insomnia.


I think getting Dirk Benedict and Jane Seymour would have sealed the deal!

Random notes - Universal/Syfy adopted his Cylon ship design at the 4 min mark - so kudos there. They also ran with the whole ‘Cylons have adapted’ bit. I’m glad they gave Hatch a role in the 2003 reboot as a consolation prize.

And damn - John Colicos (Baltar) did not age a day from the original series till this was filmed, though he did die shortly thereafter.


…also the whole “the Cylons are gone, nobody has heard from them” part. That was one of my favorite hooks in the reboot. Although I think the much longer time period of quiet was key. It had been way longer than five years, to the point where they were starting to decommission the military entirely. I also loved the ritual of building a peacekeeping station to keep communication open, that the humans dutifully manned for generations and the Cylons never showed up to. Well… there was that one time.,.


I dunno about “consolation prize,” re: Hatch’s role in the reboot, although that certainly may have been the original intent ^^’ . He actually played a pretty major (and interesting) character; he did a great job.


Yeah - I wouldn’t be surprised if they said to him “thanks for your ideas and the work you put into your trailer…but we’re going for a younger demographic here. How about a juicy part instead?”


I think it was very juicy, in that it wasn’t just a decent part in a successful series, but it really put him back in the public eye strongly and positively, for the most part. He sure seems to me like he’d make some more great movie villains, for example =) .

That’s true, however, of nearly any star that got much of any screen time on the series; it was quite inspired casting, overall. I can’t think of any actor that I wouldn’t love to see again, somewhere else.

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Also, he was not Edward James Olmos and could not carry the series like he did. Olmos is a very very important part of that cast.


Hatch was a class act who made the right choice for himself and the franchise in accepting and participating in the reboot (in contrast to Dirk Benedict’s sour-grapes sexist response)… The scenery chewing on display in this trailer shows why, even with the disappointing ending, the reboot was the best outcome for everyone.


Unfortunately for his film career, Richard Hatch died in 2017


It was from all the “Kor’s” he drank.

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