The trailer for "Star Wars: Andor"

…Also not really as far off from the Romans as one might like. :grimacing:


Destroying Alderaan always seemed monumentally stupid to me. Setting aside the fact you’re needlessly pissing off your citizenry with a genocide, I can’t imagine what the loss of an entire planet does to a galactic economy.

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The technology was much worse than ours. They weren’t capable of making laser sights, or targeting tech. Or automatic blasters. Or shotgun blasters.


Damn, smoking really is bad for you.

Wars have often been counter productive to the initiator’s economy.

If it wasn’t Alderaan, it would have been some other planet. They needed to make a show of force and showing the will to use it to keep any of the various system governments in line.

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Given the number of inhabited planets in the Star Wars universe I imagine it would be similar to the impact the loss of an entire city (say, Hiroshima) would have on Earth’s economy.


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