'Star Wars: Andor' week five sets up the next act

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Tangentially related: I’m enjoying following Twitter account @starwarsfonts, which noted recently that there have already been something like three different fonts used for ‘ANDOR’ in the logo, all with the same “negative space” capital O. And all three fonts (among tons of others throughout the Star Wars universe) have been identified. Pretty cool.

Sort of like the Blade Runner font forensics page by Typeset in the Future, here: Blade Runner | Typeset In The Future


The sets and overall aesthetic has been great along with the costumes. The actors are acting. Apparently the exposition has finished but I will believe it when I don’t see it, I originally thought the back story was over at the end of episode three but then we went right into a fascinating shaving scene lol. I felt like episodes 1-3 could have been the first twenty minutes of episode 4 and we wouldn’t have missed much.

I don’t need constant action but I can think of other suspense/thriller/heist titles that leave me excited for more by the end of the episode, but this title leaves me feeling “that was fine”. Im watching because it is star wars, otherwise I would have been done half way through meeting the team at base camp.


I’m hooked so far, even if this series has been rather low key in comparison. I should maybe complain that there is an “awful lot of talking”, but I don’t really seem to mind. Hopefully the Heist will pay off with all the build up.

I am enjoying Stellan Skarsgård as the operative/antiquities dealer. His voice made me instantly recognize him from Chernobyl.

Part of what I like about this is it reminds me of the West End Star Wars RPG. This whole plot would be very at home with the old games I ran.


Kyle Soller’s performance reminds me of Kyle MacLachlan.


Andor is the best Star Wars ever: great set design and cinematography; excellent acting. But it’s the writing that really makes it shine. The characters (on all sides) are incredibly well drawn and the dialogue is outstanding.
Moreover the smaller human and corporate scale of the storylines makes the universe feel bigger – a great contrast to the save-the-galaxy tent pole movies where you kept bumping into the same people (or droids) and tediously doing the same (oh-so momentous – this time it’s a solar system killer!) stuff over and over again.


yeah, i was surprised that the plot didn’t move forward at all this last episode.

it’d be one thing if the filming were cheap, but somebody is doing that cg, and doing it well. even plugging in little compositions that are wild for how well they’re mixing cg sets, multiple filming locations and times, all in the same shot. and for a tv show(!)

plotting is usually the cheap part, so the choice is a bit confusing.

( hmmm. maybe plot is expensive in the star wars franchise, so the rule of thumb is: do as little damage to the world and continuity as possible? )

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