Trailer: Diego Luna talks 2022's Star Wars: Andor

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Can’t wait!


I see what you did there (altho for a second I thought I had missed that Combs had been cast in Andor and I was super excited.)

I am pretty excited about this one too.

I have been longing for more underworldish content, hoping they get away a bit from the force and the rebels vs the empire, etc., etc. I mean, it’s a universe, like our universe, and any genre would work there just like any genre would work here.

I look forward to the day we can have a mafia crime drama set on Nar Shaddaa. How about a gritty noir detective show set on the lower levels of Corusant? A CSI procedural show. Cheers on Tatooine?

So much could be done outside the whole “take down the empire” storyline.


… I’m not sure we saw the same film.


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