The UK's surveillance regulator changed names and dropped its domain, which is now squatted by a premature ejaculation scammer

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premature ejaculation scammer

I found a photo of him.



So, squatting is the answer to premature ejaculation?

(asking for a friend)

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Somewhat confusing. But if I understand correctly, the idea is that you sign up to be under continuous surveillance by the UK government, and this will then tend to retard your ejacualation? Makes sense I guess; could work.

…selling quack remedies.

Tested them, have we?

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There is also a copy of the archived website at the not-so-difficult-to-find British government archives: One learns about that website at the government domain of the old office:
Which also offers a link to the website of the current renamed office

Everyone knew the Snooper’s Charter had its short cummings.

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