The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet report on the Venezuelan Crisis says what most Venezuelans already known for years

Hello, I have been a long time lurker (cliche I know) and have only responded in a couple of long interesting threads with very opinionated arguments about My country; I thought this can be relevant and may also expand the knowledge about the complex issues Venezuela is currently dealing with.

Michelle Bachelet, former president of Chile and long time Socialist, gave a speech and issue a report as High Commissioner after her last month visit to Venezuela. At the 41st UN Human Rights Council. The New report expands the finding of last year also damnming report.

The friend and ally of deceased president Chavez, stated (between many other issues) that the current regime controlling the Government of Venezuela needs to find a peaceful electoral way out of the crisis, free (around 700) political prisoners and eliminate the “colectivos” (groups para military gangs that the regime uses to outsource repression and in many cases the killing of protesters) and the secret/special Police Force called “FAES”, responsible for hundreds of extra judiciary executions (almost exclusively in poor and neglected slums), thousands of unlawful arrest and numerous destruction of private propriety in the last few years.

She also pointed out the (for most Venezuelans) glaring fact the crisis began before any sanction was imposed by the US or any other country and even when (some people can argue) it does not help alleviate the situation, it cannot be the main or only cause of the crisis, a narrative that the Venezuelan regime as been pushing outside Venezuela to gain sympathy from (apparently) like-minded Governments and Personalities, supposedly to deflect or avoid responsibility of the many ill-fated policies and alleged criminal behavior by their officials. A tactic that has been used ad nauseam by Cuba and other despotic or populist regimes.

All this while the Country has been suffering an 50% contraction of the GDP, hyperinflation, a mass exodus of more than 10% of its population and a total collapse of it old and decaying infrastructure for years now.

The Leader of the PSUV (Cabello) and the Founder of the new party “Somos Venezuela” (Maduro) share power and hold control of the country using the Military (Padrino) and several paramilitary groups (colectivos and others), after the sham election of May last year the Opposition controlled Legislative is trying to manage the constitutional crisis by appointing its president as Interim President until free, open and valid election are held.

Negotiations, under Norwegian mediation are been held for several weeks to avoid a violent conflict, that due to the urgent nature of the crisis is unavoidable if a compromise is not reach soon.


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