Uruguay's president sure seems like an interesting dude



“When asked about the tractor incident that cost her the use of her paw Manuela responded: ‘It wasn’t his fault. I was being a real bitch.’.”

Was all this before or after he started drinking Dos Equis?


Mujica is a true progressive, somebody that I can respect. In less than 5 years he got passed gay marriage and legalized marihuana. He has run his country with minimum conflict and he is stepping down when his term is done. He walks the talk about being austere, he is mellow, does not use state resources to bash his political adversaries.

I wish that Chávez would have been like Mujica, but he was a mad power Authoritarian with pretty words about poverty while dressing Armani and throwing his political enemies in jail.


How on earth has he survived the ‘International Community’?


Here´s a short Vice documentary featuring Mujica. I certainly think they could have chosen a more interesting premise to talk to him than getting baked, but it still shows what a pleasant human being he is. I wish I had a grandfather like him.

Edit: I just watched it again, and damn, this guy is so sensible and human, it´s almost unbelievable he´s a high ranking politician.

Edit II: There´s now a longer cut available that includes non-weed-related talk:


Thank you for posting that! I can’t wait to watch it!

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You´re welcome, I´m quite sure you´re going to enjoy it. I´ve watched the longer cut twice now. It feels unreal to listen to a man in power who actually seems to be interested in the common good.

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I’ve seen this bloke before; I love this guy!

He’s a fucken champ.


I’m guessing it has something to do with his personal morals outweighing his personal greed.

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The fact that he is a high ranking politician screams volumes about the people of Uruguay and the kind of leadership they want for themselves.


Or maybe it says more about a lack of reasons for moneyed interests to corrupt their government? I dunno…

This is interesting: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uruguay#Economy

Now, of course, the prez is going to have to deal with Monsanto, who are looking to patent a seed variety of cannibis. This news has been making the rounds in South American media outlets for a few months, now, though getting a credible English-language source isn’t easy. In the greater context of Monsanto’s dealings down here, you have Argentina, who is opening her arms to the company, although amid serious protests from concerned citizens’ groups and scientists (a near-total lack of regulation enforcement means that soybean farmers are using about 10x the amount of Round Up allowed in the US, and not honoring the perimeters between treated fields and housing, schools, etc. nor the disposal of containers or runoff, and the casualities are stacking up). But then you also have Peru, who forbade Monsanto and GMOs for the next 10 years. So, Uruguay is a key country in all this, and having its progressive marijuana law being manipulated this way makes a lot of us nervous.

Some links:
http://actualidad.rt.com/actualidad/view/116718-monsanto-busca-cultivar-marihuana-uruguay-ogm (en español)


Okay, one more, from today’s newspaper in Argentina.

“Ever since meeting with Pepe Mujica, Obama just hasn’t been the same”
“Mr. President, what is your opinion of Putin?”
“That pig-headed rusky is worse than the big moustache face from Iraq”

Hell I want that kind of leadership here in the US, but nobody seems to listen to me.

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Tell me about it, I live in the US, too. I’m pretty much a social democrat, unfortunately, we’re vastly outnumbered by spiteful “fuck you, I got mine” types.

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