Pope "plans to chew coca leaves during Bolivia visit"


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The pope smokes dope.


Popes get to have a lot of fun!


My brother lives in Bolivia. He’s been there since 1992. He’s some kind of xtian missionary. When I visited in 1993 I enjoyed chewing the coca leaf. What worried me was my brother telling these people not to take ‘drugs’, whilst supping a cup of coffee.


Coca leaf is also used to combat “apunamiento”, height sickness, hipoxia. Poor francisco.


Coca tea is awesome and for some reason has an amazingly calming effect on me.


A friend brought a load back from a holiday in Peru, which I thought was an interesting decision to make. Not sure UK customs would have approved.

I tried it in Peru, didn’t notice much. Maybe it helped a bit while I we were wandering around when the bus stopped at the highest point between Puno and Cusco (~14kft?). I don’t think I suffered much from the altitude anyway.


A lot of small hotels in Cuzco offer you a cup of Coca tea and talk about it’s long ritual history and medicinal values… a little cup. However after about five or 6 big cups of tea plus chewing the leaves with a bit of calcium I did notice the mountains not being all that high and it wasn’t too chilly and I wasn’t that hungry and I was good to go all day and I had some more tea and got a fresh cud of leaves and spit on a Llama and I wish we had Coca leaves available here.


How come someone who heads an institution that fights to prevent access to contraceptives by women who want them, as they do in the Philippines, is “perennially awesome”? I am not even talking about abortion, or a personal stance on contraception, no. This is about making impossible that women get contraceptives. This is evil.

Come on, Boing Boing, you should be better than this. This Pope is not our friend, and he’s even more dangerous than the previous ones since he looks harmless and does these gestures.

Condoms? Contraceptive pills? Screw those! We have coca leaves!


Sweet! Let’s see him do some ayahuasca next.


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Och, think I must be coming down with something.


Someone left a bunch of Mate de Coca tea bags in our break room, probably not knowing what they were. I took them all.

(Thank goodness my employer doesn’t regularly test its employees)


The next pope after Benedict was going to be a 60+ year old cardinal appointed by either the conservative JPII or the just as conservative Benedict. Therefore the new guy was going to be horrible when it came to sex and reproduction no matter what. Francis has ended up being the about the least amount of horrible you could plausibly get out of that candidate pool.


I’m guessing not a Mormon missionary…


LOL, I think you had a friendly neighbourhood-office guardian angel!


Fine. Still no reason to be praising him for stuff that many tourists do when they travel there.


I hope Pope Francis doesn’t do something similar. I think John Paul II accidentally let a little spittle fly that way once but at least he had the grace to apologize and wipe it off afterward.



I could be wrong, but I doubt you’d be saying that if the pope went to a brothel while visiting Amsterdam…


That would actually be a great example of the “walking in Christ’s footsteps” stuff Popes are supposed to do. (That is, comforting and/or preaching to them rather than actually patronizing their services.)