North Korea invents new soft drink




Next time you have a heart attack, drink this. It will fix you right up.


Hey, if we can just get some of this this stuff, and drink it instead of having access to real healthcare, then maybe we can be as great as North Korea.


We cannot allow a miracle curative soft drink gap!


I presume you are aware that what we call soda/pop/tonic partly originated, at that last name implies, as medicinals…

I’ve used sports-drink concentrate as a flavoring syrup for seltzer at times. It makes perfect sense to me that someone would turn that concept into a product.


Yellowish brown in color…
They waste nothing in North Korea.


Started out as both patent medicine and as an alternative to alcoholic beverages (hence ‘soft’ drink) during the temperance movement…

Then again the original CocaCola had real cocaine in it.


Cocaine is medicine!

One guy I knew had too much money, fixed him but good!


Um, did they say Selenium? The element with a tolerable upper intake level of 400 micrograms per day?


Thunder Muscle?


The Kim Jong-uncola?

I’ll let myself out.


too bad the development and production of what i can only imagine is a single glass of the stuff probably depleted NK’s entire stock of the ingredients. Now, if they could only develop a tonic made of straws and gravel…


The fun thing is ADD medications and cocain have the ame sort of affects on the human brain. It’s just a matter of intensity and dosage along with side effects.

Given some of the more useful ADD medication out there can destroy your liver if used long enough cocain is not looking like a bad alternitive outside of being illegal. And making your heart explode.


That was the cause of my first WTF of the day, too. It’s nigh-impossible to give yourself selenium poisoning without specifically adding it to your diet, but I’m not sure I trust the North Korean FDA-analogue that much.


A follow-up of 4.5 to 5 years after the initial assay of Se revealed that low semen Se levels (less than or equal to 35 ng/ml) were associated with male infertility.
Semen selenium and human fertility.


Our Leader is great!


p’yong tang? (oof…)


And human tears. Don’t forget that–it acts as a binding agent…


North Korea is basically a cargo cult communist state - it’s imitating the rhetoric and quasi-random executions of Russia under Stalin or China under Mao, without actually understanding the economic routes to success.

People’s Daily Reports:

North Korean people’s liberation airforce develops novel plane with no metal parts, to defeat the imperialist radar, under the wise and personal guidance of the great leader Kim Jong-un himself.

Cargo Cult Communist State


Like many minerals, selenium has a recommended range of daily exposure: too little results in deficiency effects (including, perhaps, male infertility), but too much has effects that are at least as nasty: many studies have implicated it as a carcinogen and a teratogen.

In all but a few locations around the world, people get enough selenium in their drinking water (it’s difficult to remove selenides except through steam distillation) and food. For the few who don’t, there are supplements - which should be taken in moderation. For the rest of us, I think I’d steer clear of intentionally adding it to my daily routine, anti-oxidant though it may be.