The unreal real story behind "420"

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Does it matter? Just chill maaaan


I have heard a version that predates the 1970s that it was a bus route number somewhere in California. Could’ve been to a weed dealers place. Could’ve been down to Tijuana. It could’ve just been a scheduled time that everyone took said bus.

Who knows?
It’s all lost time to time as a lot of language becomes.

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The punch line here is: How are any of them supposed to accurately remember what happened 50 years ago when they were all high?

You know it’s possible both stories are true and they just didn’t realize they independently both came up with the same number.


And here’s me thinking it was a celebration of the year of the Consulship of Theodosius and Constantius. Colour me embarrassed.


It is possible that short term memories at the time were… um…


Does…does everyone else’s friends group have a name??? We were just our group of friends.
Is this maybe a California thing? I’ve heard of the Heathers, they would’ve been nicer if they smoked a little more pot, I think.


4/19 is the better holiday

Our group wasn’t named but we did name our location where we did our underage drinking/smoking on Friday nights. (“Are you going to go to grandma’s after the game?”) We thought we were so clever, but I’m 100% sure that several teachers at our HS knew exactly what we meant.

(It was somebody’s grandmother’s walnut orchard just outside the city limits.)

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