The urgent threat of hormone-disrupting chemicals to our health and future

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Sicker Fatter Poorer

Wow, a song in there some place.

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I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, humans have no idea how they actually impact the world (and in this case even their own health.)


The perversity of how product decision get driven by what people know about is really on display with BPA. BPA gets a lot of press, people realize it’s bad, so companies start replacing it in their products. Except it gets replaced by things that are worse, like BPS, but there’s been no public outcry about that, so people buy the damn stuff because it’s “BPA-free.” Even if you know about the dangers, it doesn’t necessarily help as the product may not give any information beyond “BPA-free,” so you’re screwed either way.


“silly cups” Does the author mean “sippy cups”?

Oh, there is so much more to the chemical soup we are living in. Consider the developmental issues associated with PFOA:

Or with methyl mercury in the environment:

And let’s not forget all the hormone mimics, as well as genuine hormones in drinking water:

Basically, we are all doomed. Nice knowing y’all.

But the EPA is gonna save us all!!

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