Ocean pollution is shrinking mammal testicles

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2021/01/18/ocean-pollution-is-shrinking-mammal-testicles.html



I remember Alex Jones going off about PBAs in food containers. He blamed a globalist conspiracy to turn us all gay, but the only conspiracy involved is the plastics industry making a profit, just like any big industry-- tobacco, oil, pharma, agribusiness, etc.-- human health is something their legal department weighs as an acceptable risk, “how many lawsuits can we payout versus how much money we make before that happens?”

If it’s happening to marine mammals it’s probably happening to us, or will be soon enough.


Amazing how he can be so right (BPAs are bad) and yet so wrong (*homophobic noises*) all at the same time.


We already have plenty of studies showing that in human newborn boys, BPA exposure is associated with smaller anogenital distance, which correlates with infertility; also, that adult human male testosterone levels have been gradually decreasing since the 1980s.

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