The Walking Dead return in “30 Days Without An Accident” (s4e1)


Re scuba diving, I really like this:

That graphic in the wikipedia article is great.


I’m guessing Herschel and the baby have been dead for 31 days?

A plea from the UK - please could you be veery careful not to give away the plot in the lead (not that you did today)?? For awful reasons beyond my ken, we only have access to the show on some Fox network or other that requires a subscription to something expensive that I don’t comprehend …

On bended knee I am.

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With all those new characters, I knew there would be some redshirts that would not last the episode.

When will it be on for you?, I personally try to avoid spoilers in reviews that I make. In saying that I think it was a great episode, that for the first time in long while gives you hope, I am sure the producers and writers are just messing with me though.

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You were good you were good! Just don’t give too much away! I’m one of these people, to the amusement of my family, who shuts their ears and cries “la la la” when a movie / show is discussed that I haven’t seen and look forward to.

I’m trying to work out when - it broadcasts on terrestrial, which seems to have the second-showing rights, Channel 5, maybe (horribly) March 2014. Even iTunes doesn’t have it.

It is a great show.

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Oh lord that is a long way off, I think the DVD would be out sooner :frowning: If your moral compass allows, torrenting this show me be your best option. Since technically AMC is only shown in North America, and you are in the UK, I personally give you a pass, as long as you buy the DVD :smile:


I just saw that, I think is amazing the lengths they have to go in just filming a simple “Kneeling on ground” scene. Hats off to the production crew for making this sooo believable. Plus as a bonus for the actor playing Herschel doesn’t have to pretend as much since he can walk fairly normally, with the found prosthetic.

‘Walking Dead’ season 4 premiere ratings: No. 1 show on all TV?

“Sunday’s season 4 premiere of AMC’s zombie drama chowed down on 16.1 million total viewers, according to Nielsen. That’s a record for the series, of course, as well as a remarkable 48% boost from last year’s season 3 rollout.”

I am just amazed at the quality of programming from a commercial based network. I think quite a few of the other networks need to see why this is.

I hadn’t heard that about Michael Cudlitz…very exciting. And totally agree about that Emmy - that was some fantastic acting on that show.

I was watching with my brother and he said “Redshirt!” as soon as Zach said he was going on the run. We both laughed.

I’ve been watching this infuriatingly up-and-down show since the beginning and have read the outstanding graphic novels all the way through the second omnibus. I thought this season premiere was slow and not all that compelling (with the Zach-Redshirt thing being particularly uninspired writing). Ironically, last season’s debut was gangbusters, as were the first four episodes–but then the season meandered and badly crapped out with that horrible climatic non-confrontation with the Governor at the end.

Here’s hoping as you said in the review that this year’s debut is setting things up for a shocking rollercoaster ride, but like with the Seinfeld metaphor I’ll just be saying to myself “don’t crap out again, don’t crap out again,” over and over.

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