The weak spots that let journalists expose the finances of looters, organized criminals and oligarchs

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Megan Clement distills the role that each species of enabler plays in hiding ill-gotten millions

Someone please, please do a Richard Scarry style illustration of these guys.



So with all these tools at kleptocrats’ disposal, how dumb/arrogant does that make Hunter Biden?

Worst rainy day book ever!

I guess that depends if he did anything wrong or if he’s just an easy target for the Republican scream machine.


Patrucic pointed out that in working across several major investigations, from the Panama Papers to the Troika Laundromat, certain names and companies came up again and again.

This rings especially true. Shady characters and their front entities are, by their nature, so greedy that they’ll work for any criminal who’s heard of their “success” via the grapevine.


Couldn’t they just set off an EMP in the Caymans and see who jumps out a window?


Wonder about the seeming inaccessibility of Trump’s tax returns.

I think you meant “illegal” not “wrong”. It’s pretty clear Hunter has done plenty of stuff that is morally wrong.

Or a modern version of the old Modesty Blaise story “Sabre-tooth”. In that book mercenaries plan to invade and loot Kuwait while pretending to be freedom fighters. Just take control of the banks and transfer as much money as you can before disappearing after a day. If you are really clever you try to leave all the legit accounts, only stealing shady money that will be tricky for the owners to complain too much about losing.

Another useful British government resource is Companies House. The officers and accounts of any company are public information- and unlike the Land Registry, it’s free to search.

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Thank you. It’s a thing you can smell about the L.A. real estate market. I want to petition the county clerk to produce a document with the same info here.

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