The weird history of dog-headed men


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This brings to mind the novel Lives Of The Monster Dogs about actual highly intelligent dogs with artificial voice boxes and prosthetic hands. We may not believe in real dog-headed people but their weird history continues.


Are you sure they aren’t dogs with human bodies?


My wife says I’m more dog than human, often actually.


She’s just being catty.


I can’t bear another round of animal puns.


Well if you fund my expedition I’ll probably find some wonders too, such as giants, elves, and the Werespider.


Ah, beat me to it. I really enjoyed this novel.



Why have I never heard of this book? Thank you. Going on my List.



Dr. Moreau? Dr. Moreau, you are needed in surgery.


Then they wouldn’t be wearing clothes.


Ditto! Thanks, @SpunkyTWS


Be my dogheaded woman, I’ll be your dog headed man
Be my dogheaded woman, I’ll be your dog headed man
I’ve got a boner for you bitch,
Gonna be the best that I can -NINE
Woof Woof Woof Woof


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