Donald Trump found inside dog's ear


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Looks like an asshole to me.


The funny thing is, that ear is probably smarter than @realDonaldTrump.


I was just about to go to bed. So much for ever doing that again. shudder


Comments should now be closed. This seems pretty much to capture it.


what’s going on with that splotch of fingernail polish in the shape of Putin’s face!?!


Probably smells like him too.


He’s just in there practicing his dog whistling.


If Trump smells like anything dog-related, I would suspect it’s more like a product from the dog’s other end…

What? Somebody had to say it.


Poor pup. I hope he isn’t suffering much, probably ostracized by his fellow mutts too.


The embryonic state makes it that much more creepy.


The rebirth of the orange fleshy one from a dogs head was prophesied in the seventh book of the slightly mad 13th century mystic Yussuf “old teapot” Bin Rashid al Andaluz! It was all foretold! The end of times is ahead!


Yeah, well, it gets weirder.


I always thought he came from under a log or a rock somewhere more slime mold-y


Now if we can just find him in his natural form, a horse’s ass…


Um, pretty sure I heard he hates this picture and wants it off the internet, and we’re all encouraged to use it as we see fit, or something like that.


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