The weird story behind Warhol's portrait of Barbie

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Translation Warhol painted something for some vapid guy he wanted to fuck.

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Though per a recent BB article(if true) Warhol though gay did not actually fuck in keeping with his strongly held religious beliefs.

She’s had her 15 minutes, as it were.

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That sounds like it’s touching on the zeitgeist of the moment pretty darn well. Even moreso than the “gimme gimme gimme” 80’s, frankly.


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I don’t know, it seems like these days its the adults doing that.


The real story here isn’t the Barbie; it’s the tautology in “zeitgeist of the moment.”

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So what’s with the unexplained asterisk appended to Billyboy’s nom de plume, eh?

And, whatever happened to the “tens of thousands” of Barbie dolls he allegedly had?

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