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No mention of the murder of James Bulger?

Horrible case, not just for the murdered child but also how the British media hounded the young perpetrators both at the time and when they were released at age 18. If they ever had a chance at a normal life ir’s probably long gone now. They were 10 or 11 when they were convicted for murder. What they did was horrendous, but they were children whose names and faces were smeared all over the papers calling them evil and that they deserved the death penalty. Disgusting stuff.

This plot device was used by Elizabeth George in an Inspector Lynley mystery, with the protagonists being the adults who were the murderers of James Bulger.

This Body of Death

I’m wondering if the Parker-Hulme murder case also has anything to do with it.

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It might also draw from the case of Mary Bell who at the age of 11 killed two small boys. She had help from her 13 year old friend Norma Bell, but only Mary was convicted because the court psychiatrists said she showed early signs of psychopathy.

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