The word "software" sounded ridiculous when it was coined in '53


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Woulda bought shares of Microsoft, if I’d’a knowed!



So is software written for the web viscousware?


so did iPod, iPad, and Tweet, and so it goes.


I actually worked with Paul for a while, just a few years back, towards the end of his active career, and he is an amazing storyteller and character. He is full of stories like this (though I wonder where this falls in with the contributions of John Tukey, the statistician credited with first coining the term in pulbication).


The Arial, it stings!


Nothing help- and useful in Google’s image trove for “Helvetica to the Rescue!” but anyway: Two nice Helevtica-themed images


Well, the text linked to is in gloriously old-fashioned HTML which just doesn’t specify any font and gets displayed in your Browser’s default font.


I’ve got my browser set up to replace all Arial and the egregious Roboto with Helvetica so as to not be constantly disappointed in people, but when someone posts a screenshot of huge, wrong letters I just get a gag reflex.


All the cool kids are using Neue Haas Grotesk, anyway. It’s just like Helvetica, but, like, less of a corporate sellout typeface, man. Artisinal.


A good proportion of the time, it’s vacuousware.


Really? You’re supposed to say “softwer?”


I’ll just leave this here:


Too tame. How about this nightmare:

For maximum “enjoyment” pay close attention to the kerning and centering.

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