The word "software" sounded ridiculous when it was coined in '53

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Woulda bought shares of Microsoft, if I’d’a knowed!


So is software written for the web viscousware?


so did iPod, iPad, and Tweet, and so it goes.

I actually worked with Paul for a while, just a few years back, towards the end of his active career, and he is an amazing storyteller and character. He is full of stories like this (though I wonder where this falls in with the contributions of John Tukey, the statistician credited with first coining the term in pulbication).

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The Arial, it stings!

Nothing help- and useful in Google’s image trove for “Helvetica to the Rescue!” but anyway: Two nice Helevtica-themed images


Well, the text linked to is in gloriously old-fashioned HTML which just doesn’t specify any font and gets displayed in your Browser’s default font.

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I’ve got my browser set up to replace all Arial and the egregious Roboto with Helvetica so as to not be constantly disappointed in people, but when someone posts a screenshot of huge, wrong letters I just get a gag reflex.

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All the cool kids are using Neue Haas Grotesk, anyway. It’s just like Helvetica, but, like, less of a corporate sellout typeface, man. Artisinal.


A good proportion of the time, it’s vacuousware.

Really? You’re supposed to say “softwer?”

I’ll just leave this here:


Too tame. How about this nightmare:

For maximum “enjoyment” pay close attention to the kerning and centering.


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