The World's Largest Super Soaker

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Pretty sure the largest is a firetruck


Weaponized it, didn’t he.


This is more powerful.

PS, the “23 and me” sponsorship of youtube videos is destined not to end well.


That light makes this somewhat less amusing.

That right there, do want!

Well it’s labeled the largest, not the most powerful. Those are different categories :stuck_out_tongue:

Coincidentally, this reminds me of a story someone’s dad told me. When he was young he and his friends would steal the reusable fire extinguishers that are filled with pressurized water, fill them halfway with water and then pump them with air from a compressor until it went just barely above the NOT SAFE level. Then they’d drive around town blasting unsuspecting victims from the car.

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Are there no limits to man’s capacity for fun-filled violence against man?

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Had the same thought. I was going to post a picture and just can’t.

(But may I extend a big F you to the Birmingham Fire Dept, 1963)

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In a more just world, Lonnie Johnson would be awarded a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Super Soaker, as designed by Jim Lee.

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