The "World's Smallest Park" is a 12-inch by 12-inch plot of grass in Oakland, California

Originally published at: The "World's Smallest Park" is a 12-inch by 12-inch plot of grass in Oakland, California | Boing Boing


Update February 2019: Sadly, the World’s Smallest Park has been recently vandalized. Several of its structures are now gone, but a few remain. The makers of the park are working on gathering community support to update the park with more permanent features. It will be an ongoing saga to keep up this park, just like its larger park counterparts in Oakland.

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The round one is Mill End park in Oregon. The one in Oakland is square-ish


In my town there is (or was) a privately-maintained “sidewalk park” which was a three-inch wide crack in the concrete in which some grass managed to grow. The business-owner attached to the bit of sidewalk in question maintains it.

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Are people allowed to set foot in this park, and would that be possible with all the original structures in place? It didn’t look like the structures were arranged with foot traffic in mind. (And by that, I mean even one individual human foot)

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Several homes in my neighborhood have a special tiny area of their front lawns/gardens set apart and furnished with miniature items, dollhouse-sized. I think they are called Fairy Gardens?

Call it “a park”, so it’s novel, and exempt from the California State Water Resources Control Board’s new ban on the irrigation of non-functional turf (NFT), which would be any green space 1,500 square feet and smaller with no discernable function.

The headline is wrong. The park pictured is in Portland, Oregon!

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Which is stated as such in the article.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Mills End Park in Portland, Oregon (above) is the world’s smallest park. It measures 452 sq in.

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