The worse traffic jam you will hopefully never experience

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You guys really never read each others’ posts, do you? We had this yesterday. Also, worse does not mean worst.


The top video is the same, but this a refresh to draw attention to the the book. I’ve read the book and it isn’t bad. Traffic is a bit of an interest of mine. I live in a city and my life is arranged for minimum exposure to traffic but it still fascinates me. I don’t get how people value their time so poorly that they are prepared to spend a significant portion of it in traffic.


That sounds interesting. I use surface roads, myself.

Given @pesco’s avatar, the solution is obvious

What insane person designed that?!?!?

Well that was easy…


There’s always the Mythbuster’s solution:


Apparently one of the issues is that people like having time alone away from family and co-workers, and this is a culturally accepted way to get it.


Wow, that never even occurred to me. What a sad way to manage alone time.

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Interesting. I too, value my alone time. But I get it doing things I love. My wife understands this, and I understand her need for time away from me too.

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I currently live with my mother (sort of … long story) and she does NOT understand my need for alone time. The best alone time I get some weeks is in my car. Not in traffic jams, thankfully. I just drive around, sometimes aimlessly. Sometimes I listen to NPR, sometimes I just think. I wish I could get that kind of quality alone time at home, but I can’t right now.


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Has anyone else realized that this isn’t (as some facebook posts were putting it) a 50 lane highway? If you look closely it appears to be a huge toll plaza. There is oncoming traffic on the lefthand side of the image–about 3 lanes.

That was discussed at some length in the other thread from the other post about this same story.

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