The worst gadget ever supplies mains power over USB


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“dreadful and dangerous cheapo third-party power supplies”

Poetry, sheer poetry.


While this thing is a pile of broken shit, I’d have a hard time saying all Swees power supplies are shit based on a sample size of 1. Not to mention the fact that they are sourcing that transformer from a third party, which at best means they have crap quality control. Please don’t take this as some type of endorsement. It is more of an observation that he generally liked the unit other than the fact it had a sub par transformer.


Oh come on, what’s the worst that could happen?


All that equipment, including a hot soldering iron on standby… Does he not have a trash can? Watching him doing such delicate work with a tangle of tape stuck to his fingers was driving me crazy.


This is why you don’t use cheap Jawa replacement parts for your moisture vaporator.


What do you have against quick quick quick quick chargers?


On the one hand, any company can be the victim of a failed component.

On the other hand, seems like the kind of thing that should get caught by basic testing / quality control.


That’s just sensationalist BS title, sorry.

Yes, that gadget is dangerous, because it has a faulty transformer. Yes, it should likely be recalled and withdrawn from sale, no doubt.

But “worst ever”? Have you ever tried to take apart any of the cheap phone chargers or power banks that are sold on every corner? Or one of those “hoverboard” chargers which are actually setting houses on fire? Then you would see what dangerous actually means.

This Swees PSU is actually decently engineered, as you can see in that video. So I would say that that transformer problem is most certainly a fluke due to a faulty component from a supplier or poor quality control at the factory. Such things did happen to others as well - e.g. Apple was recently recalling power plugs that were breaking apart - and nobody was up in arms because of that. There is really no need for this “worst ever!!!” BS titles.


And other than the broken glass, this bran mufffin is fine.


Would it be fair to say that you are disappointed in Boing Boing?


Maybe Cory’s writing style is starting to rub off on the others?


I would imagine the guillotine could be considered an even worse gadget. Probably subjective.


Wouldn’t broken glass be the best part of a bran muffin?


I am disappointed that Boing Boing has to drop down to tabloid headlines. That’s what is sad. It certainly doesn’t need that. The other thing it shows is that the writer who wrote this article has no real clue about the subject, but that doesn’t surprise me with journalists anymore.


No. The best part of a bran muffin is when you’re done eating it and have no more bran muffin.


Wait there are journalists posting to BoingBoing? Since when?


Does this supersede the previous champion of worst gadgetry?


Oh. You mean it’s literally not the worst gadget ever? Did… did you think a headline like that could possibly be literal? Did it fool you?


depends. did he power the LEDs via the gadget?