The worst toy: Flushin' Frenzy


Helping kids develop into fecal freaks since 1945!


I tried that but it was hell trying to keep the googley eyes in place.

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  • Stupidest. Timeline.

  • “Be ready to catch the poop”? Um. Sure. That’s an important life skill to have. Just ask that kids’ entertainer on YouTube who’s name I’ve already forgotten.

  • What’s with the blue pill looking things flying out with the poop?

  • Gotta love the die with the number “2” showing. Little details matter.

  • Is this somehow South Park’s fault?


Unfortunately, it’s not a product parody, such as these:


well it really depends on if the initial mixture is too liquid or not, if it is you can use make a mold and let it harden, you place the googly eyes on before it is all the way hardened then, about 80% is good. Sometimes if you let it harden too much you can fine that the sticky part of the googly eyes isn’t very good because the hardened surface might be too uneven. The way to handle this situation is to apply a little bit of spit to the area you want to stick it on. How you decide to get that spit on there is between you and your god, really. Good luck.

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That’s adorable. Back in my day we couldn’t afford your fancy packaging and anthropomorphic turd replicas. We played that shit (pardon the pun) for real. Was it ever fun? Of course not. It was a shit show. Again, sorry. Point is, kids today don’t know how good they got it.

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I’m offended by the use of a parody of the 25+ year old “whoomp! there it is” as if it’s a cool new phrase the kids are saying or something.

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Poopy-boy’s superficial smile can’t hide the horror in his eyes.


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Life imitates South Park.


I came here for the Mr. Hanky reference.

Thank you.

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Hold up - it shoots out of the TANK of the toilet? Look if someone took a deuce in your tank a plunger isn’t gonna help that situation…


Note ‘frequently purchased with’ a Hasbro game called ‘don’t step in it’. I’m pretty sure that poop-themed games from mainstream toy companies were not a thing during my childhood.


What a shitty game.

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Is this anything like Flushin’ Remonstrance?


Definitely. Should come in a three pack with Fixing The Leaky Faucet and Changing A Tire On Side Of The Road.

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Set includes 1 toilet, 1 plunger, 1 die, and 10 score tokens.

I note this list does not include “1 poop”. God, I hope I’m not expected to supply my own.


Ah, a current and culturally relevant tagline sure to resonate with the kids of today.

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Question: Do my kids need the hepatitis vaccine before playing this game?

Next question: What do you get when you cross an air filter with a book in the New Testament?
Answer: HEPA-Titus.

Sorry; I’ll see myself out.


This brings a whole new dimension to the old plumber nickname “turd wrestler”…