The Wow! Signal


Geekiest superhero ever.


Dibs on band name

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It does raise the question though - if it’s not little green men, what physical phenomenon could account for it? Is there some way that a cloud of hydrogen gas could be “population inverted” to form a maser? If the signal lasted less than three minutes, it implies it came from a region of space less than three light minutes across. The Doppler shift broadening of the hydrogen would have to be less than 10kHz to keep the power in the one channel. The power in the “Wow” signal was estimated as 2.2GW, and it lasted for 72 seconds so we can work out how many hydrogen molecules are required. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence (etc) so what is the most probable explanation that doesn’t need alien life?



that comic was awesome.

I just mention: The day after the WOW! signal was received, Elvis died.


Roughly translates as: “The time is now, overdose and die on toilet.”


Is there any chance we can have that signal sent to members of Congress? Just curious…

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