The Zuckerberg Files archives his public utterances and writings

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The Zuckerberg Files collects everything said and written publicly by the Facebook founder and CEO.

oh goody, soon we may set two (or more) 'A.I.'s trained specifically on such fine folk and set them to ‘argue’ until they oscillate (which we’ll deem an orthogonal ‘solution’) (“Tonight’s death match will be between [spins wheel] trump-trained vs nigel-farage-trained!”)


That…. Might be… interesting in an MTV Celebrity Death Match sort of way… :thinking:


Christ, what an (egotistical) asshole

Public utterances only? Zuckerberg should put his mouth where his money is and just archive his entire life outside the walls of his house (say from 2004 to 2019) a la The Truman Show. He can set a cut-off date sometime in 2019, and then from then forward utterances may be selectively considered private and stricken from the archives.

And @Loudmouth

This is not an archive set up by Zuckerberg.

It’s an archive set up by academics who, probably rightly, think that there is something to be learned about Zuckerberg by analysing what he says.


@L0ki I got the background and purpose of the archives prior to making that comment. In my comment, I am suggesting that Zuckerberg can “double down” and archive (either by creating his own archive or adding to the existing extensive archive) his public and private statements–essentially, putting all of his utterances on record a la transparency, during that period when he was pushing for more transparency, and then selectively removing certain private statements from his archives, or adjusting access for groups along the same timeline as Facebook allowing a semblance of more privacy for its users. I know he wouldn’t really want to do that, but I think it would be telling, to say the least, for those of us who have used or are using the products he started.

As for the Zimmer-curated archives, the collection of public utterances is really helpful for anyone who is allowed access to them to trace Zuckerberg’s push for transparency and then later try to re-write the narrative and assert that the future is actually more privacy.

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Can’t they get the original Zuckerberg source code?

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Or at least the software update notes…

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