Theranos's corporate culture was a nightmare


I don’t like making assumptions based on appearance and I really hate commenting on someone’s appearance (especially a woman’s) as reflecting literally anything


Both the lady from Amy’s Bakery and Elizabeth Holmes have the eyes of someone who is looking for an excuse to scream at you.



It was a restaurant featured on a Gordon Ramsay reality show, run by a couple of control freaks who stole tips, imposed lists of crazy rules on the employees (making it all the easier to fire over 100 of them), argued with customers, cut corners, engaged in bizarre rants against critics on social media, etc. Ramsay gave up on them.

Theranos was a larger scale version of this kind of cult of personality management culture, tempered somewhat by the financial stakes being higher and the investors being more worried about bad publicity.


Somehow this photo still has the mouth-eyes thing…


No, they do this over at the Jezebel comment boards too.
Their heuristic seems to be that you assess the extent of visible sclera. If the iris can be seen as full circle and there is visible sclera all the way around then that’s full pscyho.


Theranos’s corporate culture was a nightmare

Well sure it was; it’s led by vampires. (@fuzzyfungus)

P.S. The turtleneck hides the bite marks.

(I had to look that one up)

In hindsight, the last place I worked wasn’t so bad compared to Theranos. (Or Amy’s.) But some of it rings familiar, e.g. my old bosses taking personal offense when someone voluntarily quit for a better opportunity. And I once heard an upbraiding so severe (from the other side of a closed door), in which the boss had become so apoplectic, that she drew a long, loud gasp before bellowing out each word. The denouement(?) was one of the owners doing Federal time.

Anybody who didn’t leave at this point is an idiot

Yes, in hindsight I could’ve done better, sooner.


She looks a little like Overly Attached Girlfriend, doesn’t she?


Anybody who didn’t leave at this point is an idiot and would be well advised to never get near any cult members in the future.

Long hours aren’t a dealbreaker for a startup, people work them expecting the big payday when the IPO happens. Asshole bosses come with the territory too. But when the smart people are leaving in droves and suddenly there is an all hands where the management demand total fealty to the cause then you should know you are on a sinking ship.



But legit did read that as Thanos. “I mean, yeah, it would be…”



This was the signal I missed when my last proper job went from being the best job ever to the worst job ever. I missed it because the company had been pretty good up until the boardroom putsch that put the Randoids in charge.


No no, a religion based on believing in Theranos and its’ products, devoting yourself wholeheartedly to its mission, and never EVER saying/doing anything that goes against Theranos. You know, like a cult, but with a paycheck.


Signs your company ship has actually already sunk - from one of my first jobs.

  1. The accountant suddenly quits.
  2. You are paid in hundred dollar bills left under your keyboard.
  3. The FBI comes to check if anyone actually works in the office, because they think it might be a money laundering front.




Yep, it took me a while to understand the saying “a fish rots from its head”. I’ve seen it happen a bunch, where the upper management changes hands, or the ownership changes. It might take a little while, but if the new leadership is bad, then it certainly will flow downhill. The place I’m at is pretty good, and the founders are still on the board still, after decades. Wonder what will happen once they move on. Hopefully, the culture will still be so ingrained that it takes a longer amount of time to come apart.

Regarding this company’s founder, I don’t understand why she isn’t in jail already for all those lies she told, to investors, to the public, to the US military, to the healthcare field, patients. She should be at least facing a whole bunch of charges. Her being listed with a net worth of US$0 isn’t enough.



As I understand it, there were (and are) parts of this technology that were promising, but this Balwani guy wasn’t content with a medical device company that could have been neatly packaged up and sold to Medtronic or someone a few years out for a few hundred million bucks, but instead appealed to Holmes’ vanity that it could be all things to all people and decided to try to make it worth $10s of billions by making shit up.


Crazy eyes. It’s a real thing:


I actually believe that much of the “crazy eyes” appearance is due to the lighting reflecting off of the irises of her eyes, creating little white rings. But of course these are publicity photos and so they CHOSE to keep those photos, rather than ones that do not suffer from that artifact.

And “building a religion.” That is well past time to update your resume and now time to run screaming from the building. Unemployment is better than further association with an organization like that.


Whoa! Hang on, little tomato!