There should be nothing wrong in waving Palestinian flags at Eurovision |


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Attempts to suppress politically charged signals within the context of a multicultural event are at best naive and at worst catering to the dominant political paradigm. Flags are intrinsically political. Suppressing Palestinian flags while allowing Israeli or any other flags is not apolitical.

I do understand the ultimately misguided desire to banish politics from Eurovision and other gatherings created to serve as bridges among a world divided by strife. I sympathize why some may defend bad decisions in observance of that purpose. The trouble is that it simply does not work. To quote the old adage popularized by Redstocking Carol Hanisch, the personal is political. So too the multicultural is political. There is no way to suppress controversial political viewpoints without tacitly endorsing other politically charged ones. Endeavors to remove politics merely endorse others.


In Chile you can fly a Palestino flag whenever you want.

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