Items banned by the Eurovision Song Contest


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How does one survive watching Eurovision without alcohol and drugs anyway?


“sticks and poles” “golf balls”


“Saw blades and drill bits” (not saws and drills, just the blades and bits; what is this about?)
“Handcuffs and chains”

And you can’t have cameras or sound recorders, but you can have phones? Someone isn’t keeping up with the technology…


Thee’s nothing about gas lawnmowers and chainsaws.


No wireless equipment, it says - though the pictogram kind of looks like a paintbrush and pen to me. Which I guess, technically, don’t have wires…


And here I thought The Zero Theorem was make believe (to be honest, I actually didn’t):


Seems like that’s specifically intended to cover wireless mics that could interfere with performances, which is pretty specific…


I would really like to see the stash of stuff they are going to collect at the entrance.

FTR, I had friends working at security of a larger venue which hosted also international artists, including some festivals. They told me stories.

… when, e.g., Bob Dylan’s management came with their list, which of course included all recording devices and cameras, and specifically smartphones, they had to do “deep” checks. They even set up a booth for people to be patted down more or less undressed… And they found stuff…

From vibrators to guns, nothing human was alien to them. Only, why would you dress in a strange corsage underneath your normal clothes an carry a vibrator and a gun to a Bob Dylan concert?
Turned out, BTW, that the person was legally carrying the gun, which is something of a relative rarity in Germany.


Everything not forbidden is compulsory :smiling_imp:


Spies and their kinks, amirite?


Leather whips are not rope.


Last year’s must have been a hell of a show.


Are a horker, some twine, three wood elves, and a hatchet still ok?


Reminds me of this…


Explicitness has it’s limitations . . .


When ever they ban food and drink, expect very high prices from the vendors.


What order is this list in? It appears to be alphabetical – until “luggage” – then resumes being alphabetical until “lasers” through “torches,” is alphabetical from “megaphones” through “umbrellas,” then goes off the rails again at “extension cords.”

That’s the real story here.


I obviously need to up my everyday carry game.


Good to see Eurovision will be a “descrimination” free zone.