There's a Mueller-Themed Ice Cream Truck Trolling Trump in DC


It snowed 2" in DC yesterday but, Mueller themed ice cream truck “Guilty Pleasures” is still selling scoops. According to its website, the truck offers four flavors: Mueller-Berry, Cartel Almond Brittle, Putin’s Vanilla Delight, and Fudge the Truth Chocolate.

“Russian food truck Bel-Feast tweeted at Guilty Pleasures looking to meet up, presumably to run interference.”

Mike Levine :heavy_check_mark: @MLevineReports

· Nov 14, 2018

Replying to @jsidman

Just wait till they’re parked next to @FT_Belfeast: “Food with a Russian accent.”

“The schedule for the ice cream truck, which includes upcoming stops at the Trump Hotel and the Russian Embassy, is listed on the Guilty Pleasures website.”

Two scoops please. “Guilty” and “Gone”.


No Im-peach-ment flavor? :cry:



IndictMint Chip


Suddenly I miss DC for the first time in a long time.

This truck would rake it in here in Austin. (hint, hint)

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