There's lesbian subtext on this Girl Scout cookie box


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Makes me think that only a really uptight society could produce a Dan Savage. It seems like as with John Waters, he’s made a career mostly out of goosing middle-class hetero sensibilities.


I’m okay with this.


Eh… is this really satire/comedy, or just over sexualizing young girls?


If two girls looking each other in the eye is “homoeroticism” … well that tells a lot about USian prudishness.


I see what you did there :grinning:




…is another way of saying “plausible deniability.”


sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.


That aphorism really didn’t get enough play when Bill Clinton was in office.


In a society like the one @milliefink describes above (or like Freud’s, come to think of it) it rarely is. A prudish culture is primed to suspect any expression of innocence as having an underlying “depravity” at the merest (or most satirical) suggestion. I find it rather sad.


On the one hand I’m fine with Girl Scouts acknowledging the existence of LGBTQ people and don’t find this inappropriate at all.

On the other hand… Dude, you are really reaching. This must be a really hot topic for you to go there. Maybe, just maybe they wanted the girls faces to be recognizable and the cookie box is only so big requiring their faces to be close to one another.


Sigh… I just finished reading the story about Larry Nassar abusing gymnasts and then made the mistake of coming here to see an article sexualizing Girl Scouts.


Dammit, now I want a cigar and some nice red wine on my deck.


bud, you can’t say that kind of stuff in a thread charged with subtext…


My local charity shop does a good line in subtext…


Forget subtext. TEXT: Girl Scouts! Scouting for Girls!


Waiting for the article sexualizing boy scouts. Oh wait there isn’t one.


sometimes a joke is just a joke, too.


It’s like the lesbian subtext of those Esther Williams or Busby Berkeley swimming spectaculars. People used to joke about them in the 1930s. Yes, there were lesbians back then.