There's lesbian subtext on this Girl Scout cookie box


Actually I can. because this…

And it doesn’t change the fact that I now want to go home, open my humidor and take out an actual cigar, grab an actual bottle of a nice red wine, and have both of them on my actual deck.


Hmmm, are you not familiar with rule 34?

Trust me, there is one, and I’m pretty sure neither of us should go looking for it.


Rule 34 needs some kind of opposite to QED attached to it. That which needs not to be demonstrated? That which you really should not demonstrate? That which we know can be demonstrated so please don’t bother? Don’t go there?


So strange to read the article, have an immediate reaction, then find that all of it has already been said in these comments. So yeah, sexualized children talks to the state of Dan Savage’s mind. And keep those pictures of your kids in the bathtub well hidden. You don’t want to get arrested.


Most countries have co-ed Scouting.


Many gay scouts (or ex-scouts) had their first gay experience at camp. Source: I am the only non-gay eagle scout in my family.


… or … perhaps eagle-scouting (whatever that is) makes people gay!?


Interesting demonstration of how attitudes have shifted since 2000. Back then I think it probably seemed relevant and subversive to “freak out squares” with such a joke, because being gay was still pretty weird and underground.

These days the joke just seems…weird. Like, it doesn’t make sense that someone would put such subtext in an ad. Being gay is represented enough in the media now that it’s pretty unremarkable, and doesn’t feel particularly taboo.

Makes me wonder how today’s discourse around LGBTQ ideas will come across 20 years from now.


There you go:


Dan Savage was engaged in an expert bit of trolling. Do you really think the “International Homosexual Conspiracy (IHC)” is a thing? Really?



Sometimes a cookie is just a cookie.


I’m pretty sure that Rule 34 is an implied, “it shouldn’t exist. You really should not demonstrate”… “BUT GODDAMNIT SOMEBODY DID IT ANYWAY!!!”.


Fox news tells me that it most certainly is!


Eagle is the highest rank in scouting. There’s a huge amount of time and work that leads up to it, and honestly, I’d expect more likely it’s the weeks and weeks of spending time in close quarters with just other boys during the lower ranks that helps a boy realize he might feel a certain way about other boys.

I know it did for me, and I’m not even gay. But I certainly am not straight.


I always thought BB was part of it?!?


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