Theresa May says she won't debate party leaders before election


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They should have them without her. Stage managed rallies that she will be attending at the same time should be boycotted by the press.

They won’t though: because fascist enablers.


I wonder how many British voters will reach the correct conclusion about this, which is of course, that virtually everything about May is indefensible.


Have a glance at British newspapers: it’s a cesspit of misinformation.

Something, something Corbyn unfit to rule. Brexit. Traitors, foreign scum, Brexit. Oh look! Royals!
Great Britain! Great!

Fuck Scotland, Northern Ireland, Gibraltar (unless we want to use it to sabre rattle), and the Welsh are poodles we despise.


I think it is a very sensible and rational decision that is in the best interest of everybody.

After all, it is now clear whatever she say she may unsay it later if she finds it useful, so why waste time saying it? Right after calling for an election she said several times she would not call for, its the only logical and decent thing to do. Voters that vote for her already know what she stands for; herself.


Why is she standing in front of a gigantic starfield?


Why aren’t you standing in front of a gigantic starfield?


The empty chair gambit worked out great for Eastwood, why not?


She’s getting ready for the real Brexit, once they’ve finished installing the rockets.


Not entering the debates turned out to be quite a slick move for Cameron. I suspect May is doing it because she’d spontaneously combust if she had to debate Sturgeon live on air.


This snap election is really turning out to be a textbook example of Tory scumbaggery.


What’s more extraordinary is that she’d probably spontaneously combust if she had to debate Tim Farron live on air. Let alone Corbyn! She flunked PMQs so regularly, the management machine was frequently pushed into overdrive to come up with something more sensational to lead the news with whenever she was outclassed. And that’s without the odd times when e.g. Corbyn actually had a real scandal (like the Surrey council tax fiasco), when she looked like a rabbit in the headlights and resorted to personal abuse. Say what you like about Corbyn’s political ability, he rarely descends to that level.


Oh Doctor Who. Is there anything we can’t learn about our own future from that show?


I prefer to lie down under one, but that aside, that’s a very good question.


Some 30 years old, still depressingly accurate, yet funny: Ladies and Gentlemen - I am a golfer !


Given his repeated failure to land any sort of a blow at the despatch box while she runs him down with a well placed one-liner i think he should be hoping for an empty chair. Bringing up the campaign spending scandal a day after she calls for a general election should’ve been a no-brainer but that’s corbyn for you - a lap behind and a dollar short.



Hmmm. I’m not[quote=“politeruin, post:16, topic:99264”]
Given his repeated failure to land any sort of a blow at the despatch box while she runs him down with a well placed one-liner

Hmmm. I’m genuinely not sure that’s the case. Her one-liners are dangerously prewritten and often don’t fit anything at all that is being said. Again, I’m not backing Corbyn here; he’s pretty rubbish himself, but he lands plenty of blows - unfortunately, it’s all in the coverage, and the last year or so has been so dominated by Brexit that any other issues have been practically buried.


Again. I didn’t realise what a complete fucking joke my country had become until this last year.

What’s the punchline to that old gag: “Slowly at first, then all at once?”


The thing is that a live TV debate with a strong moderator is a world away from the peurile public school barracking complete with naughty noises and pantomime boo hiss that the English parliamentary question time is.

It would take someone focusing on the issues to allow here to expose her position for the mass of contradictions it is. That said, Corbyn’s lack of support for the EU would make his position difficult also.

It doesn’t matter anyway, no fresh details of how fucked Britain will be by its Brexiteers will emerge as there will be no negotiations during the campaign. And then her government will have a huge majority and can ride roughshod over the interests of the people of Britain.