These Apple Watch tips are really helpful

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I was skeptical, but digital watches w/cell service are fantastic “tween” devices when you want your kids to be connected, but also don’t want them to be pulled into the hellscape of full on smartphone 24/7 social media quite so soon.

Computers historically have always followed the mantra of “get smaller” (mainframes took entire rooms → minicomputers were large pieces of furniture → chonky desktop CRTs and IBM PCs with full size metal keyboards… etc), so the Dick Tracy wrist-computer is, in a way, kind of inevitable… :watch:


I am not getting the Multisport selection in workout mode even though my watch is up to date. Is this workout available everywhere?

So next up is swallowable computing‽


This already exists! Capsule sensors/cameras that can both see what’s in your gut and measure things like Ph and the like. :slight_smile:


Great Remo Williams tie-in!

As for smart watches, I’m very much “meh” towards them, as I have been towards watches in general for the last 20+ years.

Kramer: I have a mental alarm. I set my head for quarter to seven and , I get up!
Jerry: Always works?
Kramer: It never fails. See, it’s based on your body clock. See, your body has an internal mechanism. It knows what time it is.

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Fairly sure half of these tips we had NO IDEA existed, don’t actually exist yet because they are beta only right now.


About half of them are indeed new features in newer versions of WatchOS. Sleep tracking, for example, has barely worked in the past mainly because battery life used to be so bad you couldn’t wear the watch overnight without it dying… there was no sleep data to track!

This kind of thing is now possible, provided you charge in the morning while you shower… fast charging has come a long way!

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