These are radio drama staircases

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@pesco, story is missing headline.:wink:


Foley will dub it in in post-production.


Wow. I haven’t messed around with audio drama in a long time. Wish I could dedicate a set of stairs for it but I guess my next production involving stairs will have to be carpeted stairs or use public domain sounds instead. :laughing: Very cool though.


sure, they are all the rage this year.

You’ll see them on all the home improvement shows. Some crappy half ass version will be in Lowe’s just after peak popularity.

Then next year everyone will be ripping them out and you’ll roll your eyes :eyes: when looking at houses on the market in five years.

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He’s a busy guy.


What would be required for them to be non-functioning? Don’t they all lead somewhere (but maybe not somewhere useful?)?

It’s quite a day for me when I can freely ponder the existential nature of staircases and apply the necessary snark and pedantry!

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You might consider synthesis?

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It blows my mind that movie production still uses foley walkers despite it being quite feasible to do it all on a laptop. It’s a combination of subtle controls possible and simply being quicker to make your own sound than search for the sound you are looking for.

To be nonfunctioning they would simply stop after a few stairs. (Cue “bridge to nowhere” joke.) The statement simply points out that the audio drama sound effects crew rather pragmatically built onto what they already had instead of building a standalone, single-function device.

Edit: I’m sorry, that was harsher than I strictly meant. I’ve had a bellyful of people today pretending to misunderstand in order to try to seem clever. I’m sure that wasn’t what you were doing.

Oh, make no mistake - I’m intentionally misunderstanding for my own bemusement (and the amusement of the collective…). And as long as my pedantry has found a victim…errr…trollee…errrr…respondent, the stairs would still function even if there were only two of 'em. (unless they collapsed upon stepping…)

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