These are the "biggest onscreen mistakes" in Game of Thrones

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Because nothing breaks immersion faster than anachronous coffee cups! Not silly dialogue, not rampant misogyny, not racist white-savior tropes, not even over-distressed costumes and Oh-so-sweaty makeup! COFFEE CUPS


…Not to mention dragons : exploited to death !


[Insert joke about the last season being their biggest onscreen mistake]

(I say this as someone who is enjoying the final season well enough despite its flaws since it’s always just been a TV spectacle that never tried to make logical sense so just relax and enjoy the sight of some goddamn awesome dragons fucking shit up with their bottomless reserve of fire breath fuel)


Howzabout “whenever anyone is speaking Benioff-Weiss’s words?” Truly the ghastliest on-screen mistake of all!

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Oh hey, another thread on the internet about mistakes in Game of Thrones. I’m sure this will be the one that’s interesting.


(When did bbs start editing posts? I was asked if the above were “a complete sentence,” lulz.)

Since at least the last couple of years. Not sure why that’s funny to you. It helps keep trolling and unnecessary gas-lighting.

I’d add to you and to @soulb that while it may seem that some folks take a movie franchise or tv series too seriously when the story lines begin to be very disappointing to them; remember they invested their time into those stories. While I don’t see Dany as a real person, I can be seriously annoyed that I followed her character arc for more than 8 years only to see these two producers just take her ending tale right back to where she started. That’s some seriously wasted investment on my part.

It doesn’t make me or anyone else crazy or pathetic just because they are pissed off about shit writing.


There’s something inherently funny to me about being a human and having a machine ask me if something I just wrote was a complete sentence or not. Like, it wasn’t, technically, it was a bunch of meme words . . . that would be immediately recognizable and meaningful (and I hope funny) to anyone not the bbs program. Not sure how the program’s slavish insistence of proper grammar precludes gaslighting: one can troll using the Queen’s, no? It sort of evokes in me the old Dickian adage about people becoming things, things becoming people…

I kind of agree about shit writing and whatnot, cf. my silly jab at Benioff-Weiss above. I do think one is rather daft for investing much in the show at all, but that’s just my opinion: I’ve certainly invested more in worse! But the general plodding earnestness of the show (which I rather love at times), its chest-thumping seriousness, the neverending grimdarkness of it all . . . I find it gigglesome and lulzy in the extreme. Maybe I’m the crazy-pathetic one, not you!

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My vote is Tyrian.

Wait… can we have Dany go mad one week and the next week we prove how mad Tyrian is? Two back to back falls?

Ok, Im back to no idea who is going to win.

Not the audience.

The coffee cups fell through the holes in the spacetime continuum that have been helping the characters move about at an implausible pace the past couple seasons. It’d be an onscreen mistake to not have them, really.

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Looper Y U NO mention GW Bush’s head on a spike?

The griping is half the fun.

Continuity has got to be such a stressful job now.

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