These are the coolest sidewalk chalk sign drawings we've ever seen


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Post your Pet or animal Pics

calling @nemomen one of these has a question you can answer…


Beat me to it!

Also missed a quick link chance:


I lolled at the hipster one.


That was a hella slice of awesomeness.


Did you hear about the dyslexic who sold his soul to Satan?

(the s’s are all switched around)


Tried to follow on Imgur, Imgur has no follow feature, I’m sad.


I just checked. Apparently the answer is that they like hedges, and wish humans would be so kind as to let them enjoy their hedges, because hedges are a hedgehog’s very favorite thing. And other hedgehogs can find their own hedge. Hedgehogs apparently are unusually passionate about this topic.


I’m still waiting to meet the hairdresser that spouts 'dyeing to meet you’
and other strange concoctions but doesn’t satisfy my thirst for the stranger



Heh, I saw that Bear on the Square sign and thought…nooo…is there more than one? Nope. Good to see that there’s a cool local artist. OK…local as in actually an hour+ from Atlanta by motorcycle. But I bet Ollie does work down this way also.


Indeed. My immediate thought on seeing something wonderful like this is: “Is there a Tumblr?”.

Edit: really like the cat/whisky one :slight_smile:


It was pretty good. She is a good artist.



Speed of light squared.


picky, picky picky


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