These Blade Collection watches look like something out of the coolest sci-fi

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Came here expecting something more this:

Leaving disappointed.


Sure, irk. En…tirely auto-erotic advertising of the latest end-time fashion item.

I swear, I didn’t work hard on those puns. They just wrote themselves. It shows, I know…

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It will look absolutely smashing on your wrist as you grasp the railing of your tumbril on your way to your date with Madame Guillotine!


if you want to spend $200 on a watch, I recommend quartz. casio and timex make really accurate, reliable, durable watches for a fraction of that. any more money should go to: 1) a watch company. do not buy anything with a fashion designer’s name on it. not even gucci. just don’t waste your money 2) an expensive quartz from a reputable brand will have a) even more accuracy, the high beat-rate quartz will also yield a sweeping second hand b) will have pretty high quality materials and finish.
if you want a mechanical for $200, Seiko makes the best movements for the least money.
I would not trust a no-name mechanical movement from a brand I’ve never heard of. it will be in the bottom of your bureau drawer next year, either losing hours per day or not running at all.


So I am a fan of a nice time piece and have a fairly modest collection with eyes on one day having something akin to Dr. Strange’s set up…

I have seen the Blade collection before, and I do like them…HOWEVER…when your advert shows them being worn while the model is also showing off Ferrari and Lamborghini…yeah, kind of makes me want to puke.

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For slightly fancier actually-a-watch-company watches, Citizen and Bulova (now owned by Citizen) have models in the under-$200 range.

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The ACTUAL watch that looks like something out of the coolest sci-fi future:

Ok Google! What time is it?


citizen’s eco-drive is a very accurate, robust solar movement. no batteries!
yes, Citizen and Bulova make great stuff for sub-200.
above that, Citizen makes the most accurate movement in the world (not counting ones that are re-regulated by radio signal) a quartz rated +/- 1 or 2 seconds per year. very handsome, too.

comes in a white mother-of-pearl dial, also.

Bulova also made and probably still makes tuning-fork movements, which are very similar to quartz and are awesome (except they eat batteries.) that’s what their logo represents. famously used in the Accutron that Mark linked in his previous watch post.


I love a good wrist watch. My watches have to be waterPROOF to at least 3 ATM. That said, of my very modest collection of dive watches, the least expensive, a $40 Casio is by far the most reliable, followed by the motion-wound Soviet Navy issue dive watch, a Vostok Albatross 1980 that I picked up from a Ukranian guy years ago (it is a bit fussy, however)
The more expensive watches only stay topside when out fishing or when (used to be able to) hanging out at the marina bar after a day on the reef.

oh, and yeah, those Blade watches are kinda cute… :roll_eyes:

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