These Brazilian kids have no idea what Gillette is singing in "Short Dick Man"

Not exactly, but it was in 90s. 80s were way crazier

But, in fact, to be fair, lots of brazilians doesn’t know a single fuck on English

I can say for you by experience: got to a costume shop to take a cosplay I’ve asked them to make for me, and the owner was trying to talk with a English-speaker customer that wanted some fake arrows for a Merida costume. They were using Google Translate to communicate, and I offered to do the translation… It worked well for both the owner and customer (I even provided values exchanging from Brazilian Reais to US Dollars), so much the owner provided me a cosplay wig as a bonus for the help

Some things transcend language barriers:


But… And here maybe I’ll sound too much a critic… Many USers like to think that everyone all around the world should learn English to attend them. IDK about you, but if someday I go for, for example, Bangkok, I would try to learn some basic words, or at least how to say I don’t speak on local language. I would think how USers (specially the Karen kind) would feel if, for example, Brazilians, expected you to speak Portuguese to attend them (and, here is the trivia, Brazil doesn’t speak Spanish.)

Just some food for thought

Interestingly enough, I am not one of those Americans.

Being an intersectional minority, I know all too well how self centered many of us can be, especially those who are not “highly melanated.”

(I am also well aware that mainly Portuguese, not Spanish, is spoken in Brazil.)

I simply admire Pabllo Vittar’s talent, which was obvious despite the fact that English was clearly not his language - he still sang the song beautifully.


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