These discounted computer accessories could help improve your WFH flow

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It’s a revelation. A wireless, non-mechanical mouse? Whatever will the boffins think up next?


Yeah okay, but who wouldn’t jump at the chance to work on their laptop from 30 feet away!


Out of curiosity, I looked up “giant lap” at google images to see if there was an appropriate picture. All the results it returned were for giant lapdog. I strongly recommend it.


I have one of those silicone keyboards from forever ago (and in no possible universe was it ever $40, maybe more like 10). It’s not bad – it was great for hooking up to the Wii on the occasion that we needed to type something. But the dealbreaker for me was the damnable European enter key / backslash layout. Why do those abominations still exist? If you’re a windows user and even occasionally use that backslash key (or if you ever need to backspace), it’s an absolute nonstarter.

The obvious question is why can’t have a wireless charging mouse to go with my wireless charging mouse pad.

I don’t want to charge my phone on my mouse pad, it will get in the way of the mouse.

Hmmm the tap strap thing is very minority report. I can think of about ten better uses for it than controlling powerpoint,

I had one which I used when my kids where small and I was feeding them. My son was a puker and I had to hose it off a couple of times. I haven’t used it since then because it really doesn’t provide much feedback when typing.

These are the things recommended for WFH?!?!?

I’m sorry, but these are HORRIBLE suggestions. WFH means you’re on these things a lot. They need to be good for you, for your posture, for your carpal tunnels.

And BB recommends tiny travel keyboards which might be handy in a pinch but are really bad for you when used for hours per day?


If you need to type for a long time, you need a large keyboard (best would be a separated one where you can keep your arms wide: ie just straight out from your sides (think of your arms at your side and then swing them forwards … any movement inwards/together is bad for you) with your lower arms 90 degrees from your upper arms.

Tiny keyboards are BAD.

And WFH means you have the area to work on and use larger, better input devices.


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