These earbuds are the perfect gift for the audiophile on your list

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quad-core OFC balanced

Oxygen free copper, cool but balanced?
I don’t think these are balanced audio or do we mean something else?

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No you’re right there’s no way these cables are balanced. I’m 100% confident that there isn’t a single mass market balanced 1/8” format balanced stereo headphone connection on the planet. Claiming otherwise is pure unadulterated bullshit.

I’m also pretty sure there isn’t a 1/8” format trrrs connector in existence which is what would be required for an analog stereo balanced audio connection.

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Superconducting, quantum stabilized Femto-resolution earbuds, or GTFO. Or you know, some nice cans, that don’t distort much and have decent frequency response.

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Yeah I just read through that ad copy again and the level of meaningless bullshit in it is astounding even by the standards of the BB store.

It’s right up there with homeopathy and the things Trump says.


Are you absolutely sure these particular earbuds are ‘the perfect gift’?

I misread one of the items in that image, and actually, conversation-blocking earbuds would be the perfect gift.

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That’s trrs not trrrs. You need a minimum of 5 conductors for a stereo balanced audio connection.

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Welp, shame on me for misreading / misunderstanding! Cheers!

No worries. Most people haven’t spent years of their life working professionally on audio systems. We gotta rely on each other’s expertise to fully and appropriately mock and/or discredit these bbstore posts.


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