These 100% copper earbuds are the future of hi-def audio


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The future of hi-def audio? With that connector? I think not!


I thought cables were for ninnies. Bluetooth is how we listen now. Bluetooth loves us.


they’re also 49% off at every other retailer selling them.

i’m beginning to thin that they were never sold for $60. also, that they’re crap. good thing they’re made out of copper to stop vibration! because plastic just wouldn’t cut it.


Why do they look like brass rather than copper?


Doesn’t copper look more reddish? This looks like brass or bronze.

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Copper is really dense … how heavy are these things?!

I am digging the SMA connector look, though:


I’m pretty sure copper has never been pointed at as “lightweight,” it’s more dense than iron.




That’s why it looks like brass, @FFabian, @simon - it’s a completely new form of copper, which is not heavy or soft like normal copper. It also has variable insulative values so that you can make an earbud with no other material - the parts of it that have been exposed to the full moon conduct electricity, but only those parts.


These will look great plugged into my new iPhone!


My first thought was that someone is trying to figure out how to sell a bunch of improperly-tooled or otherwise rejected shells for RF connectors.


Hot damn you can actually see the warmth particles!


If it has a silicone-coated nylon cable, is it 100% copper?


Probably 100% Copper like McDonald’s 100% Beef.


prevents any excess vibration

… wut? Is copper known for being particularly dampen-y?


Nope, not particularly dampen-y… but it is much stiffer than plastic (which is kinda the opposite thing).

High stiffness means it will resonate at a higher frequency – in designing speakers, you don’t want the case to resonate at a frequency the speaker can putting out, or else it will sound horrible. So you design the case to resonate at much higher than audible frequencies - thats why good speakers have so much bracing.

I don’t know what frequency normal headphones resonate at (probably pretty high given their small size, and not well given their complex organic shape), so I don’t know if this is a problem worth solving.


It’s made of 100% pure split-red froghair. Like $1,000 per half-ounce, but super duper conductive. Really makes the music come alive.


It couldn’t be the refuter of hi-def audio since it isn’t thunderbolt and full of DRM.

This is not courage.


yeah, this is the 4th place i’ve seen them this morning. that is the problem with every outlet rebranding the same “curated content” from stack social.

I’m assuming from the picture that they are brass and that is how little whomever made the product listing cared or had tried the product.