These found-object charts are both quirky and insightful

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Damn, those are good. Now I have to break it to my girlfriend that THIS is what her competition is like for going viral on Instagram.

That, and women who wear g-strings all day while working out.

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I drink tomato juice almost exclusively when flying (and never when not flying). Is this a Thing? Like a capital T Thing?


Yes, it is!


But he just showed there’s an intersection of drinking tomato juice on a plane and the Bloody Mary phase. Mother *ucking Bloody Marys on a plane!

Cesars over bloody Marys.

I had no idea…

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I remembered having read about it somewhere, some time ago. I’m not sure if this was the bestest article about it–just one of several that came up in a google search, and I skimmed it before posting.

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