These human horse blinders will keep open office workers from being distracted


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Cube farms are an improvement on open office architecture. Let that sink in.



I would give my thumbs for a cube farm in our office right now. Open office is a bane to anyone trying to get things done.

These look like a sign of the apocalypse though. Hard pass.


I don’t think I’m even exaggerating when I say I’d take a 20% pay cut in exchange for a real office. Like an office, with a door, shared by not more than 3 people

Weirdly, when I brought this up in a meeting, it was met with some incredulity. I don’t know if the people here have never had a real office or what, but many seem quite attached to the open floor plan. I was genuinely surprised


I wonder if management who chose Open Office in the first place would consider this device to be subversive or outright insubordination :grey_question:


I don’t think they’d care. Near as I can figure, open office is just a way to max out headcount per square foot. Factory farms for people

A headset doesn’t interfere with that goal so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I’m pretty sure this is an SNL parody product. It has to be right?? :frowning:


Hard pass on the cube-less, office-less office space.

Now, with that out of the way, what does this concept product solve that your ear buds and hoodie don’t already accomplish without alluding to chattel labor?


nostalgia for elementary school?

…where the solutions are quite a bit cheaper than this gem of pan-flash overengineering…


idly wondering. . .

how hard would it be to do up a VR setup that correctly maps the specific items I need to interact with (keyboard, maybe the edge of the desk, my chair, maybe my finger tips, and then just simulates everything else. Have my monitors in VR space. Let me work at a desk in the forest. Or at a secluded beach. Or in a simulated actual goddamn one-person office with windows on two sides

If you could simulate at high enough resolution, I think I just invented the killer app for VR


It pairs well with this old joke product video from The Onion, which I have to assume is actually coming some time next year because satire is dead.


Open office architecture means the Headphones of Productivity and three monitors in an attempt to reduce the outside distractions.


Everything old is new again.


Buy a pack of 10 and the supervisor gets a free riding crop.


I wear noise cancelling headphones and have a huge stack of monitors. Doesn’t stop people from coming up to me and tapping on my shoulder while deep in thought. Doesn’t stop visual or audible distractions.

Fuck open offices.

I hate that I have to look at a product like this and think, “hmm that’s intriguing!”


Sad but true. It’s pretty bad that I can watch something like Office Space and be jealous of the cube farm… Or Milton’s boiler room workspace.


Having just watched Sorry to Bother You last night, I find this product especially disturbing.


Might as well add in some goggles – perhaps ones that dim at different times of day. Back in the day you could probably bill them as shielding the eyes from CRT radiation, but that ship has sailed. But the old “privacy screen” gambit still ought to be viable:


I can imagine wearing these voluntarily might be a big aid to concentration. I can also imagine a draconian boss requiring them.